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Sustainability of Lead Acid Batteries

Learn how lead acid batteries are one of the most sustainable products on the planet.

The Most Sustainable Product. Period. 

More than 99% of all lead-acid batteries are recycled, far outpacing aluminum cans, newspapers, glass bottles, and tires. Lead-acid batteries top the list as the most highly recycled consumer product.

Lead-acid batteries are the sustainable choice because of their closed-loop life cycle. A spent car battery is sent to a permitted recycler where all components are reclaimed, recycled, and sold to battery manufacturers. The cradle-to-cradle cycle means the battery in your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle has been and will continue to be recycled indefinitely. This makes the lead-acid battery both an environmental and commercial success.


Lead-acid batteries improve sustainability in applications such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles with start-stop engines as well as cutting fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. As the most environmentally sustainable battery technology, lead-acid batteries are leading the way to meet the world’s growing energy demands. A new lead-acid battery is comprised of more than 80 percent recycled lead battery material, making it the lowest environmental footprint energy storage technology.