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Specialty Oxides & Materials

Learn more about Hammond Group’s specialty oxides and materials.

Specialty Products

Specialty Lead Oxides

Hammond is a world leader in the manufacture of specialty lead products serving a diverse range of customers and industries including decorative glass & ceramics, rubber additives, X-ray blocking, and electroceramics.

  • 100Y Yellow Litharge
  • 400Y Granular Litharge
  • HT-100 Temperature Stabilized Litharge
  • Pigment Grade High-Percentage Red Lead
  • BCWL Lead Carbonate (White Lead)
  • Lead Monosilicate
  • Lead Bisilicate (Ceraflux)
  • Lead Borosilicates
  • Custom Glass Melts
  • Custom Blending


The leader in specialty chemicals for over 85 years

Founded in 1930, Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI) is a specialty chemical company dedicated to advancing energy storage applications through proprietary chemistry. HGI’s extensive experience and production know-how allows us to make a wide variety of battery oxides serving a broad range of applications. We strive to identify emerging market trends and engineer products to meet new, demanding needs. HGI manufactures battery oxides in Hammond, IN and Pottstown, PA.



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