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Hammond Group Piezoelectric Powders
Hammond has been the Gold Standard for production of PbO, Pb3O4, Lead Carbonate, and other Lead compounds for over 75 years. We are the trusted supplier for most of the Piezoelectric Materials industry. Hammond has been producing piezoelectric powders for over 5 years in our Pottstown, Pennsylvania facility and is fully equipped to provide over 30 metric tons per year to the marketplace. Our technical staff has over 40 years combined experience in manufacturing Piezoelectric Materials.

Standard Products
Hammond currently produces standard formulations of Navy Type I, II, and III. These compositions encompass a wide range of properties familiar to product designers. We can provide materials as flowable spray dried powders or simply milled, without binders, ready for your use.

HGI 10 is a hard Navy Type I piezoelectric material designed for high stresses and high drive applications such as Sonar or ultrasonic cleaning.

HGI 20 is a soft Navy Type II material with a good combination of high piezoelectric activity and good temperature stability.

HGI 30 is a hard Navy Type III designed for high power, high drive applications such as Sonar or welding. It has slightly lower piezoelectric activity than HGI 10 but with significantly lower losses thus allowing for higher power handling capability.

Custom Products
Hammond produces unique piezoelectric powders, developed in conjunction with customers, or according to their own proprietary formulations. Under strict non-disclosure agreements, HGI processes exclusive compositions for an array of applications and requirements. We maintain strict quality control protocols and can provide detailed production and product performance data.

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