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HGI is an industry leader in the manufacture of lead chemicals. HGI’s environmentally responsible manufacturing operations serve a diverse range of customers and industries from rubber additives to X-ray blocking polymer resins. In addition to the company’s traditional automotive and industrial battery business, Hammond Group has developed a variety of specialty lead chemicals for glass, ceramics, and the electronics market.

  • Battery Oxides: 
    • Battery Litharge (Automotive Grade/Industrial Grade)
    • Red Lead (25%/75%/86% )
  • Specialty Oxides:
    • Red Lead Pigment Grade (97%/98%/99%)
    • 100Y Litharge (Standard Grade/Electronic Grade/UHP Grade)
    • HT-100 Litharge
    • 400Y Granular Litharge
  • Lead Silicates
    • Lead Monosilicate
    • Lead Bisilicate
  • Lead Borates


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