Glass Products

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These are low-melt glass products, in granular, flake and powder form, manufactured at our Hammond, IN (USA) complex. Hammond produces this broad spectrum of lead and heavy metal free (HMF) technical materials in dedicated systems, preventing the potential for cross-contamination. Hammond has the capability to produce in large and small volume batches, as well as continuous melt processing, to attain virtually any customer’s technical and commercial objectives.

Specialty Glass
HGI manufactures low temperature glass products for a vast range of innovative technical applications, including radiation shielding; sputtering or host glass targets; glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal seals; welding materials; thermal barrier and fire retardant additives; sintering additives; and more.

Electronic Glass
Electronic material products include both industry standard (classical) sealing glasses and the HMF alternatives and equivalents to these; thick film products; optical glass cladding coatings; precursors for optical & photon amplification glasses; and other amorphous & devitrifying engineered materials.

Coatings Glass
In addition to frits and fluxes for both technical and artistic glass coatings, Hammond has manufactured the leaded and lead-free glass products for the appliance, architectural, automotive, and container glass enamel coating industries.

Custom Products
Hammond produces unique glass intermediates, developed in conjunction with customers, or according to their own proprietary technology. Under non-disclosure agreements, HGI processes exclusive compositions for a limitless array of applications and requirements. Virtually any application that may be best served by a low temperature, flowable, inorganic material can be met by one of Hammond’s glass technical products.

Glass Products


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