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We make batteries better.



performance additives

These are additives to the active material of a battery to improve performance characteristics. HGI offers additive solutions that are custom tailored to our customer's specific needs. Applications include automotive, motive traction, stationary, and advanced partial state of charge (PSoC).


Powdered oxide

In addition to the company’s traditional automotive and industrial battery business, Hammond Group has developed a variety of specialty lead chemicals for glass, ceramics, and the electronics market. These include battery oxides, specialty oxides, lead silicates, and lead borates. 

Glass & Dispersions

These are low-melt glass products, in granular, flake and powder form. Hammond produces this broad spectrum of lead and heavy metal free (HMF) technical materials in dedicated systems, preventing the potential for cross-contamination. Hammond has the capability to produce in large and small volume batches, as well as continuous melt processing.



The leader in energy storage for over 85 years

Founded in 1930, Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI) is a specialty chemical company that is advancing state of the art energy storage applications through proprietary battery chemistry.

HGI’s extensive experience and product portfolio allow us to serve a broad range of markets. We strive to identify emerging market trends and engineer products that can meet the needs of the future. HGI supports these emerging markets across the globe with manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Malaysia.

In 2015 HGI completed their state-of-the-art Lead Acid Battery Laboratory at 3100 Michigan Street. This facility is the center for ongoing development of advanced battery & energy storage chemistry. It also houses a high-capacity performance additives production line that serves all of North and South America. In 2016 HGI completed the outside remodel of their powdered metallurgy plant located at 2308 165th Street.




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Innovation is the thing that gives you the opportunity. It’s the promise of our future.
— Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz


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