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Battery Additives - Expander, Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate, and Electrolyte Additives

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Battery Additive Products

Battery Expander

Expander is added to the battery’s negative active material to improve capacity, cold cranking performance, cycle life, charge acceptance, and partial-state-of-charge cycling. Our research team develops expanders to optimize performance across multiple dimensions and requirements. Hammond offers over 120 negative expander formulations tailored for specific applications:

  • Automotive Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI)

  • Motive Power/Traction

  • Stationary: Float and Off-grid Energy Storage

  • Golf Car, Floor Scrubber, and other deep-cycle applications

  • Motorcycle and e-Bike

  • Start-stop and Micro Hybrid Vehicles

See our Expander Application Guide to select the right expander for your application.


Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate

SureCure® is added to a battery’s positive active material where it acts as “seed crystals” to promote uniform tetrabasic lead sulfate (TTBLS) crystal growth during paste mixing and plate curing. This results in a number of benefits including stronger positive plates, improved plate-to-plate consistency, longer cycle life, and a typical 5% reduction in active material.

See our SureCure Application Guide to select the right product for your application.

Click this video link to see SureCure®'s function and benefits.


Electrolyte Additives

Sodium sulfate is added to the electrolyte in AGM batteries to improve rechargeability after a deep discharge. Hammond offers high-purity sodium sulfate in both powdered and tablet forms.



The leader in energy storage for over 85 years

Founded in 1930, Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI) is a specialty chemical company dedicated to advancing energy storage applications through proprietary chemistry. HGI’s extensive products and experience allow us to serve a range of markets across the globe with manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Malaysia. In 2015, HGI completed a state-of-the-art Lead Acid Battery Laboratory (E=LAB²) in Hammond, IN for ongoing development of advanced battery & energy storage chemistry.



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