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Our business is enabling the lead-acid battery for advanced energy storage applications.

As a manufacturer of lead oxides and chemicals for industry, Hammond Group Inc. traces its beginnings to 1930 in Hammond, IN. where they operate to this day. For more than 80 years, Hammond has served industry’s evolving demand for lead oxides with products that include red lead, litharge, lead silicates, carbonates, and sulfates. To meet global demand, Hammond Group has built manufacturing locations in Pottstown, PA, Gateshead, England, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Today, Hammond serves niche lead applications while specializing in lead oxides for industrial and automotive batteries, including the new AGM technology. As Hammond’s commitment to lead-acid battery manufacturers grew, they developed expertise in the formulation and production of negative plate expanders essential to battery life. Hammond produces expanders in the U.S., UK, and Malaysia, offering a wide range of formulations tailored to a battery’s specific operating environment.

Hammond’s newest advanced expander line is designed to extend battery life in demanding, High Rate Partial State of Charge (HRPSoC) operations including Idle Stop-Start and Micro-Hybrid automotive applications.