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About Hammond Group Inc.’s President and CEO

Terry Murphy

Hammond Group Inc. President and CEO, Terry Murphy believes that energy storage is the next space race. This statement carries great weight coming from an  individual whose interest and involvement in rocket science spans decades.

While other kids growing up in the 1960s dreamt of becoming astronauts, Terry was intrigued instead by the science of launching spaceships into orbit. He spent  much of his youth building rockets and launching them skyward.

Murphy pursued this passion by studying Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at Purdue University. Upon graduating, he accepted a position at  Rocketdyne where he helped develop the Space Shuttle’s main engine. Terry eventually ran the company’s advanced programs organization, tasked with turning  Rocketdyne’s core businesses into mainstream commercial ventures. The challenge of building a reliable, sustainable and entirely renewable energy source for s  pace exploration is highly congruent to earth-based renewable energy goals. As a result, a wealth of this organization’s work with high heat flux, high power  density thermal systems made their way into the energy industry.

As demand for green energy sources continued to grow, one of the biggest obstacles it faced was the intermittent nature of green energy sources. The sun does not always shine and winds do not always blow, therefore, in order to provide a steady output of electricity, some sort of energy storage capacity must be employed.

The most notable of Rocketdyne’s contributions to the energy industry was the demonstration of a feasible, cost-effective solar concentration power plant. By using concentrated solar energy to heat molten salt rather than water, the Rocketdyne team was able to drastically increase reliability and and provide a system with dispatchable solar power; renewable energy on demand.

In 2007, Terry, along with USRG, licensed the Rocketdyne solar power tower technology and founded SolarReserve.

In 2013, Murphy became President and CEO of Hammond Group Inc. His vision is to put lead-acid battery technology at the forefront of the energy storage “space race”. By radically improving this established technology, Terry has established Hammond Group as the competitive choice among “advanced batteries” in vehicle fleet electrification, power grid stabilization, and green energy storage.